BPO Certifications and What are the Most Popular?

BPO Certifications

BPO Certifications


Understanding BPO Certifications

BPOs, or broker price opinions, have become extremely popular lately as a way for licensed real estate professionals to make additional money. Many of those professionals will want to obtain BPO Certifications to help ensure that they’re selected to do BPOs and that they’re successful at it. Knowing the most popular BPO Certifications can help with this.

The Five Star Institute BPO Certifications

The Five Star Institute features a one-day training course that teaches real estate professionals exactly how to perform BPOs and ensure that they’re informational and accurate. According to their website, “there is no other course on the market that offers you the comprehensive information included in this rigorous one-day class.” Individuals who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion as well as the right to use the Five Star logo on marketing materials like business cards and flyers.  These BPO Certifications are recognized because Five Star is recognized.

NABPOP BPO Certifications

The National Association of Broker Price Opinion Professionals, or NABPOP, offers a comprehensive test that individuals can use to become certified in BPOs. These BPO Certifications allow Members to have access to NABPOPs BPO Education and Resources section, which contains all the information needed to pass the test. The test is a 1.5 hour online examination that will cover issues like BPO preparation, information gathering, interior and exterior property inspection, comparable adjustments and more.

National Association of Realtors BPOR

The National Association of Realtors is now offering BPO certifications through their program, BPOR, or Broker Price Opinion Resource Certification. The course consists of a webinar which teaches individuals to properly perform a BPO and generate accurate, professional reports. The webinar is followed by an examination and upon passing that, individuals will be permitted to accept BPO offers. The cost for the webinar and examination is about $119, or $129 for non-members.

VRM University

VRM University offers a certification course to help agents learn the intricacies of BPOs in order to be able to make additional money. Those who complete the course will gain a competitive edge and will be promoted through listings on the VRMU website and at major conferences. VRM University is the largest REO outsourcer in the industry. With the BPO Amplified Online course, individuals can take the course and examination online conveniently.

The costs for many of these courses are lower if you join the memberships, but typically you will need to pay a yearly membership cost. The average cost of the BPO certification courses and examinations is about $120. Each of these certification courses allow you to gain the confidence, knowledge and information needed to be able to perform BPOs on the side and have an additional stream of income that can be used for anything you need. These are reputable, high-quality certification programs so any one of these will be a sound choice when considering BPO certifications

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