Real Estate BPO Sample For Your BPO

Looking for a Real Estate BPO Sample?

Real Estate BPO Sample

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You’re almost there.  Let me guess.  You have been asked to perform a B.P.O or broker price opinion for someone and you are somewhat familiar with them but you really would like a real estate BPO sample to look at to help you along the way.  We understand and we have been there.  You see we are a couple of real estate professionals who started the same way you may be.  We have extensive real estate experience but just weren’t 100% sure of how to complete a BPO.  You have seen lots of courses or BPO certifications being offered but you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars and 4 days in a class to figure out how to complete a BPO or how to do a BPO.  We understand and we have you covered.

We actually operate the largest Broker Price Opinion software platform online that allows you to easily fill out a blank BPO template.  But because we are the largest provider online we have a collection of feedback from 1000’s of real estate professionals over the years that has allowed us to draft a comprehensive guide to completing a BPO.  In this ebook we actually go step by step and section by section to explain the different portions of the BPO.  We cover all aspects including adjustments and choosing the correct comparables for your report.  If you don’t know where to begin you can end up wasting a lot of time.  Our eBook helps you cut down on wasted time and concentrate on filling out that B.P.O. quickly.

So you came looking for a real estate BPO sample but what you really need is our ebook on how to complete a bpo.  What’s that? I’m wrong?  You really just want to see what a BPO sample form looks like.  Not a problem.  If you click here you can see a list of all the different real estate bpo sample forms we offer in our software.  If you click on the magnifying glass next to the name you will see each sample.  The most widely used form is actually the Fannie Mae Residential BPO form.  If you are unsure of which form to use and which to look at, its the Fannie Mae residential bpo form.

We hope this helps and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions about our ebook or our Broker Price Opinion Software that we can help with.  To learn more about what is a BPO click here.