Broker Price Opinon Or Is It Opinion

Broker Price Opinon – Potato or Potaatoo

Broker Price Opinon

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Whats that you say?  You are interested in Broker Price Opinon.  Truth is you are probably looking for information about BPOs in general.  A BPO is an acronym for Broker Price Opinion but we see it constantly.  The name is misspelled and who are we to judge.  We know what you are looking for and we are here to help.  Lets start from the beginning and walk you through some of the basics.  If you are interested in a more comprehensive guide to BPOs you may be interested in our eBook here.

What is a Broker Price Opinon?

A BPO is ordered by banks, homeowners, estate agents, attorneys or anyone looking to receive an estimated professional opinion of the value of a home.  A BPO can be completed for a home or condo or also on commercial property.  Less complicated and detailed as an appraisal, a BPO can be completed quicker and for less money.  The huge increase of foreclosures over the last 5 years or so has resulted in a substantial increase in BPO orders and the number of agents working on broker price opinon.

How much can I make for a Broker Price Opinon?

Each client is different and each client pays a different amount of money.  It really depends on the complexity of the BPO you are performing.  In some cases you are doing a drive by bpo or an exterior bpo and these require less work and thus you are paid less money for.  In other cases you are completing a detailed commercial property BPO.  This can be a more complicated process and take a couple of days to compile.  Generally speaking though you can expect to see $30 to $300 a BPO with the average being $50.  Now this may not make you rich but its a building block and nice way to supplement your income.

How do I register to receive an order for a Broker Price Opinon?

It takes work and the first thing we say is don’t rush.  Its going to take time and you have to start registering with the companies to receive BPOs.  We have a Free list of BPO companies that you can receive here.  Once you have the list you need to start the task of registering with BPO companies.  This task can take time and patience but will pay off.  You may not receive orders immediately but over time you will start being accepted to different networks and ultimately you will start receiving bpo orders.

How do I Complete a Broker Price Opinon?

You may be looking at how to actually do a BPO.  We have spent a lot of time writing a comprehensive eBook that outlines all of this information in detail.  If you are thinking about getting started or refining your skills we highly recommend our eBook.  Don’t take our word for it though.  Take a look at our page here and see some of the recommendations.  Compiled from feedback from thousands of real estate professionals around the country we think you love it.

BPO Software

Are you already working on BPOs or looking for the form or an easy way to fill one out online?  Take a look at our BPO software and see why thousands of people use our software daily to actually generate their BPOs in one simple easy to use program.  Its how we started and what people love best about BPO Forms..