How to Register with BPO Companies

Wondering How to Register with BPO Companies ?

How to Register with BPO Companies

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Over the years we have had many, many agents ask us How to register with BPO Companies.  It sounds like a simple process quite frankly but sometimes the easiest tasks can feel like the most overwhelming tasks.  Lets take a look at some of the most common needed things and where to start when wondering how to register with BPO Companies.  The process of registering with BPO companies unfortunately is time consuming and requires a lot of repetitive actions in filling out forms online and questionnaires.  This is purely a numbers game and the more applications you complete, the more likely you are to start building clients and getting BPO assignments.  With the understanding that you are going to repeat similar processes over and over we highly recommend you get organized and gather the information in the list below before starting your submission.  Tired already?  Don’t fatigue.  We are going to give you a free list of BPO Companies that you can use to register with.

How to Register with BPO Companies: Documentation Needed

The first step is to gather your information for submission.  You are going to need a copy of your license and your Brokers license if you are not the broker of your office.  You are also going to need a copy of your General Liability Insurance, Errors and Omissions Insurance, and your Auto Insurance.  Different vendors have different requirements in terms of insurance and not all of them will require the same thing.  Generally for BPOs you are going to need to be able to show up to 1 million per occurrence and 2 million aggregate E&O insurance.

How to Register with BPO Companies: Coverage Area

One of the questions you are going to have to answers is what is your coverage area.  The BPO Companies want to know what area you are willing to complete a bpo in.  They sometimes want Counties or Zip codes.  You should create a list of zip codes ahead of time that you are willing to cover separated by a comma and stored in a document that you can easily cut and paste from.  When providing this answer your instincts are to put your entire county or all zip codes.  Be careful with this.  When you get an order on Sunday morning and have to have the BPO completed in 24 hours you are going to regret having to drive all the way across town to get it done.  Focus on the area you want to work in and submit with this.  You can always expand your area if you need to.

How to Register with BPO Companies: Your Experience

Some of the applications want to know about you.  They may want a copy of your resume or a short bio.  Write up a nice short bio about 250 words or less about yourself discussing your market expertise and any experience you have in real estate in general.  If you are starting out then showcase any analytical skills you may have or financial background and your attention to detail and thoroughness.

How to Register with BPO Companies: Getting Organized

Once you have gathered all of these items you are going to want to get them in digital format.  You are going to need pdfs of your licenses and insurance and you bio should be in a word doc along with your zip codes etc.  Create an easily accessible folder on your desktop so that you can easily access all of these files and information when asked for them during the signup process.  If they are all together in one folder you will save countless hours completing the applications.

How to Register with BPO Companies: A Free list of Companies

Well now that you are organized and know how to register with BPO Companies, the next logical question is how do I find these companies.  The good news is we have a free list of BPO companies for you that you can get by joining our mailing list.  Not only do we have a free list here but you can learn more about our comprehensive ebook that teaches you how to complete a BPO.  This book goes through the actual BPO form and explains the different portions and also explains more about what a bpo is and why its ordered.  If you enjoyed our guide here about how to register with BPO companies, we highly recommend you look at the book further.  Click Here to Learn More.

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